How to Homestead One Acre - (2024)

If you’re not familiar with this phrase, it refers to the principle of perpetual motion. If you live on an acre, you can start growing your own food. Just imagine the possibilities! Despite the naysayers, there are many ways to homestead one acre.

It is very challenging to have livestock like cattle, but you can do some things like chickens. More importantly, you can start small and learn. A few years ago I decided to try homesteading and am glad I started small because there was so much I didn’t know.

Here are some of them:

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Perpetual motion

While you might not think of keeping sheep on a one-acre homestead, you can have extra wool for felting and spinning. Sheep can also be processed for meat, and you can sell the extras when they’re no longer needed. Pigs are a good choice if you’re short on pasture space, as they don’t need much for feed, and you can use their manure in the garden.


Having goats on your homestead is a great way to supplement your income. Not only do they produce meat, but they’re also low maintenance. They need minimal maintenance and can be fed with hay and garden scraps. You can easily collect vegetable waste from local greengrocers or similar stores and feed your goats with these. Goats can also eat plant waste, like banana peels and carrot tops.

To estimate the cost of raising goats, you can look up local hay and feed prices. Multiply that by four to estimate how much goats will cost. You should also factor in the cost of fencing, housing, and other expenses that will go into caring for goats. Goats can be a great way to provide healthy protein for your family, and you can start by keeping a buck for artificial insemination.


For a start, plant some flowering plants in your garden. You can also plant fruit trees and vegetables near your beehives. These crops will bloom in time with your crops, and they will provide pollen and nectar for your beehives. Although many people fail in their attempt to add bees to their garden, it will be worth it in the end. Bees provide a range of important benefits to your garden, and if you have an acre of land, you’ll be glad you gave it a try.

While you’re homesteading, why not include beehives in your organic produce? Beehives are a beautiful addition to your homestead, but they do require some space. Beehives must be placed on the north side of your garden, protected from southern winds, and should be placed in a shady area during the summer months. In New Zealand, you’ll need to register your hives with your local authority, and learning about beekeeping is a great way to get started. You can also purchase a full kit online, or try trapping a swarm of bees.


If you are interested in gardening, you can start a small orchard on your one-acre property. You can grow a few types of fruit in your orchards, such as apples, plums, pears, and figs. You can also raise some animals, such as chickens and sheep. You can also get a milk cow if you want to have a homegrown food supply.


If you’re planning on homesteading a single acre of land, ponds can be beneficial to your homesteading efforts. Ideally, a multi-use pond should be situated near the house. This provides fire protection in case of emergency. Fire trucks need to reach the pond to pump out water. Ponds also allow you to enjoy the wildlife that calls your land home. A properly constructed pond can also increase the value of your property. However, a multi-use pond can cost you quite a bit of money. Therefore, it’s important to do your homework before you start digging.

If you have limited time and budget, hiring an expert can be beneficial. You can consult with an engineer, geologist, or permaculture design expert to learn about the appropriate materials for a pond. Some people might even hire a machine operator to construct a pond, which can cost you money. You can get a referral from a neighbor if you don’t know anyone with a lot of experience in pond building.


A great way to start your chicken farming endeavor is by getting some flocks of young chicks. Chickens will provide your backyard with lots of healthy protein and eggs, but they can also be used for egg production. However, the ideal number of chickens per acre depends on the amount of space you have to cover. If you have a suitable piece of land, you can keep as many chickens as you want.

Keep in mind that chickens can be noisy and can easily disturb neighbors. You may find your new flock damaging if you have a newly-planted vegetable garden. Your new flock may also rip up the young perennials and pick off the flowers and shrubs in your yard. The same goes for lawns, as your Chickens can cause sticky floors and grass. Also, if you live near a busy road, your chickens may get hit by a car!

How to Homestead One Acre - (2024)


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